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Establishing a visual image for your company can be a trying, but a vital task.  We try to streamline this process to make it as easy as possible.  We are trained professionals that will translate creative ideas into eye grabbing visual statements to your potential customers, we will work to to set you apart and above your competition.

The following outline will briefly inform you of the first to last steps involved in the Imagination, Concept, & Completion process at Lines & Letters Designs.

  • All consultations are by appointment.
  • First consultation involves interviewing you regarding your desired image, the type of business, visual look, & budget.
  • Deposits are taken towards logo design or sign orders.
  • Schedule appointment for next consultation to discuss concept designs, & schedule for vehicle or sign order.
  • Always remember to be open to professional guidance
  • We design 2 -3 concept designs in black & white format for your review.  Our feeling is, if the design is strong, it will be effective either in black/white or in full color.
  • At our second consultation, we present to you the concept designs, discuss color, technique, placement of all information & finalize your decision.


All vehicles scheduled for lettering require the following rules:

  • Must be delivered washed (please do not wax).
  • Drop off the afternoon before scheduled appointment.
  • Upon drop off, a quick review of all pertinent information & any revisions (if needed)

All work is subject to NJ Sales Tax.  If tax exempt, you must provide the proper forms completed with all information for our records.

If you have any questions about our process and would like to speak to us directly, please contact us or call us direct at: 732.563.0909

Truck & Vehicle lettering

We provide a wide range of vehicle lettering services that range from vinyl to a combination vinyl and paint as well as custom paint & airbrush.

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Emergency Vehicles

We specialize in all municipal type vehicles. Police, Fire and First Responders, as well as, local, county and state government vehicles.

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